Sheer Make-Up Fix Review

Nip + Fab. I believe that they key to a flawless face lies with the first 3 products you put on your face before makeup: 1. Face Wash. 2. Moisturiser. 3 The Primer. I have tried many primers from local drugstores to a top designers brand and so far I have not found one that has worked wonders for my skin. My skin type varies, some days its really dry and others its slightly oily on my forehead. So when I received my Nip+Fab Sheer Make-Up  Complexion Perfector I couldn't wait to give it a try. I have heard amazing things about the Nip + Fab products and there is not a magazine that I have read lately that hasn't featured one of their products. "This multi-tasking wonder gel instantly evens out skin tone and texture while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and imperfections. A unique clear formula for a natural and healthy looking glow without make-up". It contains: Osilift (reduces the appearance of wrinkles). Hyaluronic Acid (hydrates and smoothes the appearance of fine lines). Oat (softens and moisturises the skin). To use apply to a cleansed face and neck. Wear alone for a natural and even look or under makeup as a smoothing primer. I personally cannot live without my foundation so I have opted to use this as a primer. It comes in a 40ml tube and is a cloudy/clear ish gel which has a hint of citrus in the scent. Nothing over powering though. Its really thin and a little goes a long way. Its not sticky nor heavy. I would say leave it for about 5 minutes before applying your foundation though just so it has enough time to be absorbed into the skin. My skin feels and looks smooth and has a natural glow even with all of the makeup that I have piled on.