Online Diet and Weight Loss Program

Online diet and weight loss program launches new website with interactive features aimed at helping men and women to lose weight. The premier online destination for millions of people, launches a new look and feel with key features aimed at helping its members achieve weight-loss goals and improve their health. According to Robert Estrada, President, CEO and founder of Dr. Tango, Inc. provider of the WeightShapes program, obesity is a major and growing problem with serious implications for diabetes and other chronic disease risks. In the past 6 years, WeightShapes™ has been helping people to lose weight, improve their health, and reduce disease with the program developed. Our new website has been designed with state of the art features to "help the community achieve better health through weight loss, with an emphasis on the support of our expert dietitians and a more aggressive approach to help people make permanent changes in their lifestyle", said Estrada.

Until recently, WeightShapes™ was only available online or through leading hospitals and healthcare institutions. For members who want to lose weight, WeightShapes has two different plans available at affordable prices: Expert dietitians through live chat or email. Personalized online diet plan. Daily and weekly menu plans. Personal exercise plan with online video routines. Weekly evaluation of progress. The WeightShapes™ Gold Plan offers, in addition to the features mentioned above, access to our dietitians through a toll free number plus the following delivered to your home: Printed diet and fitness evaluation report. Printed personalized diet and fitness plan. Quick start guide for losing weight. Eating-out pocket guide. 30 most common myths about diets. Pedometer to measure steps and physical activity. Measuring tape. Journal to track progress. Registration is quick and simple, just visit and start enjoying our diet and weight loss program.

In the Darkest Night

Book review In the Darkest Night, Light Warriors, book 4. Author: Patti O'Shea. Genre: Paranormal romance. Mass market paperback: 320 pages. Publisher: Tor Books. Description: Kel Andrews has spent the last year living with nightmares and flashbacks. Unwilling to share what happened, he's withdrawn from his family and the Gineal council has removed him from his position. But when a woman shows asking for protection from a demon, Kel reluctantly agrees to help and finds himself facing an unexpected adversary, one he doesn't know how to fight. My Review: I was disappointed in this book after liking The Power of Two, by this author. This book is forgettable. I read this, what, last month? And already. Patches in my memory. That means it wasn't that outstanding. I never know how to proceed with these types of books. Didn't hate it. Didn't love it. It was okay, the parts that I recall. Even then I don't want to say it was okay, because that might imply that I kind of liked the book. 

I could read it, I suppose. It didn't hurt too much to finish it, but I would never read it again nor would I recommend this book to other people. This book contained lists, and I am starting to hate lists. You know the kind. The whole big check list of qualities you like in a stranger you just met. "Good, she's got boobs and a va jay jay, she'll do. Even if she acts like a 12-year-old boy with a disciplinary problem." Of course the "good qualities" aren't even that. It's usually feistiness and/or stubbornness (and the ability to not show emotion and "remain calm" or as I like to call it be unstable or a creepy psycho). Oh, and straight men apparently like husky voices. Man voices. "You sound like a man when we're in the dark together, baby! Turns me on!". Rating: 5/10. Wouldn't recommend this book. But I, personally, will try to read other books by this author since I did like her work before (this book).